Quick Oats

A little cardigan, for a baby 1-3 months old.
The yarn is acrylic , gauge 18st (aran).
In raverly here.


bohemian oasis (motif)

I made one motif for bohemian oasis blanket, but did not continue with the project.

Details for the pattern in raverly here.


another pussyhat

I wanted this pussycat to be smaller than the red one
done by casting-on less stitches and
by knitting with smaller needles.


combo shawlette (not)

Very nice result as you can see, but unwearable-for my taste.
The above was made by 1 out of my 3 skeins but eventually was frogged.

Details on the attempt in raverly here.


combo shawlette

One of the first shawlettes that I made, a very easy pattern, and a yarn difficult to work with, but giving a very pleasant result, both to touch and to watch.

In raverly here.