Pattern: Sewanee, by Beth Bradford
Yarn: Shilasdair (40% Angora, 40% Merino, 10% Camel, 10% Cashmere), naturally dyed (color: sea-green)

This naturally dyed, fingering yarn, was posted to Greece by the very polite owners of The Skye Shilasdair Shop in the Isle of Skye!

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   and more photos.


Cabled Hand Warmers

In the midst of summer...was when I finally found the time to hand-wash some all-wool mittens! Then I had to try them on and dream of winter.

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shalom (rose)

This is my second shalom cardigan, in pink, with no sleeves-as I did not have enough yarn. I only used 2 skeins of Zeeman Julia yarn (340m), purchased last February in Kortrjik, Belgium.

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shalom (cream)

Shalom cardigan is ready...

...it only needs three big buttons (and the winter to come!).

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one can never have enough yarn

Recent treasur-acquisition from a visit to Plectorium in Larissa.
This daily trip to my favorite yarn shop was the best birthday present I have had  ever!!


dragontail (rose)

I made two dragontail scarves, the blue one offered to a friend as a present (becaused she loved the color) and this water-melon colored-for me.

This pattern does not compliment this yarn as much as I would like, and the yarn is also a bit scratchy. But in any way, it is a very easy and very impressive pattern. I might give it a try with a bulkier, winter yarn.

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dragontail (blue)

The pattern is Drachenschwanz/Dragontail Scarf by Solwey Hauptmann, and
the yarn is "Hundertwasser", a fingering 75% wool-25% polyamide, by Opal Yarns.

* Link in raverly


Crazy Eights Dishcloth

This is not a lolipop...
...this is a dishcloth-whatever that means (*).

I tried this pattern just to find out how a circle is knitted-and it was very easy-just a series of short rows repeated 8 times.
I knitted the white first, in coton yarn, and then I tried combinind white and red because I thought it would be funny, lolipopy and christmacy!

(*) Dish-cloth is not a drying-dish-towel as (I thought that) the name suggests, nor is it used to dry the kitchen tablea area. It is the cloth used to wash the dishes. Lesson learned!

Pattern:  crazy eights dishcloth by Julie Tarsha