south bay shawlette (3rd: the automn)

I LOVE this unusual-and-interesting-compination-of-colors yarn, it seems as if it has been created for me!
I am making a crocheted shawl, the pattern is named South bay shawlette and the yarn is (fingering) "Katia darling".  

In raverly here.

More photos (finished) here and here.


filzy mittens

This project was frogged(*) because:

1. that beautiful yarn colours disappear when crocheted-this is a yarn that looks much better when knitted (as you can see here).
2. The yarn is an 100% merino --> needs not to be washed frequentry but, on the contrary, to be carefully handwashed --> not a good choise for a garment like mittens.

(*) frogging, in "knitting language" is the process of ripping out your knitting

In raverly here.



Such an easy pattern! Just knit a parallelogram and then sew to form behind the heel and the front.
I knitted both slippers at the same time-on the same needle!


Ondas Scarf

I made many more Ondas than Triana scarves!
I do prefer this "yarn" as it is very fluffy and come in very interesting colors.
(I made about 30-40 for presents, kept 2 for myself and still have some yarn stashed for a future use!).

In raverly here.


Dina scarf

What is there to say about this scarf? Just a fancy yarn. You do not  have to do other than cast on 8 stitches on 8mm neddles and knit.

In raverly here.



A very easy crochet pattern, 
for tree ornaments and christmasy bookmarks!

Pattern in raverly


Triana scarf

This "yarn" is named Triana, thus the name of the scarf.

I can not say how many Triana scarfs I have made-and donated. It was so easy-as you can see in the photos, and a great way to keep my hands busy while watching films at home.

In raverly here.


zenith wrap

This is a very simple wrap/shawl: cast on 22, needless nr 12 and just knit! 
I made it for a collegue: she likes fancy dressing and she loved this sparkling and velvet yarn.

in raverly here


Babette's feast

This is the my Babette blanket.
I didn't really own the pattern as much as I improvised on it.
The yarns I used are mostly wool, scratchy, of various gauges and colours-I was looking for a simple pattern to use them all (and get rid of them!)

 Before stitching the squares together...

...and after.


ethereal wrap

I have had this beautiful, light, cream-brown lace-yarn (Lanas Stop Hudson) for some years but could not find the right pattern for it.

I did not want to make another one of those frill scarfs, so I improvised:
My skein was 10,5m. I cut it into 6X1,70m pieces and crocheted them together using an acrylic yarn (Stylecraft Special DK) of the same cream colour, same high quality, light, soft yarn.

So here it is, an ethereal wrap/scarf for a-night-out!