a capucine...

...for Sophia.

My niece has been asking for a flap-ear hat since some time, so when I found "capucine" I knew that this was the right pattern.

I made the rib section "fair isle knitting 2X2".
This was the first time that I tried my hands on fair isle knitting: I have been dreading and admiring it for years... I followed youtube video instructions and I am so very pround to have done it!

I was afraid that one skein of the (absolutely bliss to watch while knitting) malabrigo mecha would not be enough, so I improvised by using a beige yarn as complementary.
I followed the original pattern and here is the happy result!

Neddles: Nr 6
Yarn: Malabrigo Mecha (color Arco Iris) and Zeeman Julia (color beige)

* Link to raverly

And some more photos (before adding the tassels):


to start a babette blanket

I have some balls of yarn mostly wool, scratchy, of various gauges and colours- and I was looking for a simple pattern to use them all (and get rid of them!).
So I started a Babette Blanket.

I do not like crochet as much as I like knitting, but my upper arms would do with some relaxing these days...

* the pattern in raverly